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 Hazmin and Jason Flynt are the founders of Min's Matcha, a ready-to-drink healthy beverage that is lightly sweetened and is made locally in Clearwater, Florida with all-natural ingredients. Hazmin has always had a love for creating good food, but this was jeopardized when she injured her right arm in 2003. Because of the injury, Hazmin was eventually diagnosed with RSD, a rare disorder of the sympathetic nervous system that is characterized by chronic, severe pain. The pain was so debilitating that Hazmin lost complete use of her right arm and the pain was so great that she was unable to cook anymore. Miraculously, her arm began to heal slowly, and through her faith, gifted healers and the love and support of her family, Hazmin is back in the kitchen with Jason by her side, creating and cooking food that is healthy and healing! 

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