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We make Min’s Matcha teas with only 5 ingredients—purified water, Florida lemon or lime juice, organic Florida cane sugar, organic Japanese matcha and organic/natural flavors.  That’s it (no preservatives)!


Each tea that we make is pasteurized so that you can keep them in your pantry until you are ready to drink them.  We prefer drinking them ice cold, so if you do too then refrigerate them for a few hours before you ready to serve them and don't forget to shake well before you open them since matcha naturally settles to the bottom.  Each bottle is 1 serving, but if you don't finish it, refrigerate for up to a week.  

Made in Clearwater, Florida, our original teas are only 60 calories (14 g of organic cane sugar per 10 ounce serving, while most bottled teas have 34-46 grams of sugar per serving).


Because matcha can have an assertive taste, we make ours in divinely delicious flavors—Peach on Earth, Blueberry Bliss, Enlighten Mint, Lemon Love and Ginger Joy. Enjoy one today!  


If you have been wanting to try matcha because you know of its health benefits but have tried it and don’t care for its grassy, assertive and sometimes funky flavor, you must try our Peach On Earth!  Made entirely with organic ingredients, many of our customers have likened drinking this tea to biting into a sweet Georgia peach, making it an instant crowd favorite!


Lemon Love is another Specialty Food Association sofi™ Award winner. We won
the Gold sofi™ Award in the Ready-to-Drink Coffee & Tea category again in 2022! Of course, we completely agree, as it’s hard to resist our take on an Arnold
Palmer, but with matcha tea! Super lemony, perfectly delicious!


Blueberry Bliss is for the true matcha enthusiast!  Since the blueberry flavor in general is more in the back of the palette you are more able to taste the matcha, and this matcha is so good and so pure, you will not want to miss its pure and earthy flavor!


Enlighten Mint uses the combination of lime and spearmint to make this matcha tea our boldest, most robust flavor so far!  Four of the five ingredients are organic, and you can tell because it tastes so clean!


We love ginger, and it is our absolute joy to make a ginger-flavored matcha,
so naturally…we called it Ginger Joy! Not too spicy, the mild ginger flavor
plays nicely with matcha to make it juuuuust right for every occasion!

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